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The Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) program in the Philippines provides excellent employability due to its high demand in academia and other sectors. This study aimed to determine the viability of offering the Bachelor of Library and Information Science program at Central Luzon State University. The survey specifically sought to determine grade 11 students' interest in enrolling in the program as well as its market employability in the academic sector in the region. Data were collected using a survey questionnaire from three public and three private neighboring high schools of Central Luzon State University as well as Google forms for higher education institutions. The data were described using the frequency count and percentage. SWOT analysis was also used to evaluate the institution's advantage and capability to offer the program, as well as the program's potential and direction. Findings present that the program is viable and the institution can sustain it. However, there are areas that should be strengthened and improved, as well as potential threats to the program's continuation, such as a lack of awareness and poor performance on board examinations.