Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln




The study examined Computer Mediated Communication Technologies (CMCT) and Librarian’s Interaction with Users for Effective Service Delivery in Delta State University Library. The purpose was to identify the relationship between CMCT and librarian’s interaction with users for effective service delivery. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The population of the study comprised the total of 56 staff working in the university library (library assistant, library officers and librarians). Census sampling was used to sample the entire population because of its manageable size. Questionnaire served as the primary instrument. Out of 56 copies of questionnaire administered 46 copies valid for analysis. Data collected was analyzed using the descriptive statistics of arithmetic mean (X) and standard deviation (SD). The hypothesis was tested using Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient. The study found out that there is a strong significant relationship between computer mediated communication technologies like (email, instant messaging, whatsapp) and librarian’s interaction with users for effective service delivery, only that the use of podcast has not been fully recognized in Delta state university library as it shows a very weak relationship significant at(r=0214; p<.05). Hence, the study recommends adequate recognition and incorporation of CMC technologies like podcast by librarians and they should come up other CMC applications to achieve more effective interactionsand efficient service delivery in the library.

Keywords: Computer mediated technologies, Services delivery, University library