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Reading is an intellectual process that everyone for doing it, need to motivation, so that they can interrelate with the concepts of the texts that they read. Reading is the agent of wisdom and knowledge. Today is the age of information. Information is power. People who have internal motivation for reading information resources, are those who have information and change it to knowledge and knowledge is the power of readers who have internal motivation. The aim of present research is to analyze world scientific studies on reading motivation based on Scientometric and benchmarks of centrality in articles of web of science website from 1983 to 2018. This study is a descriptive, analytical, cross-sectional and Scientometric research. The statistical population under study are 267 published articles on the motivations of reading in web of science website from 1983 to 2018. In the present study, the 267 articles are divided into 6 clusters based on reading motivation studies. The USA, Germany, England and Australia have the most numerous articles on reading motivation. People like Guther, Moeller, Schefle, Gutherie and Wigfield have been the most effective in producing articles on reading motivation in youth. Regarding the Scientometric content analysis, the published articles in web of science data center were divided into 6 clusters. Numerous factors have played a role in reading motivation. Regarding the accomplished studies, these factors include external motivation like education, brain electromagnetic induction, teaching students to read accurately and voluntarily during primary school, the role of youth in promotion of reading, competition, sponsoring; and internal motivation like child psychology, having a purpose, personal and intrinsic behaviors, self-regulation, comprehension and articulation.