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The purpose of this study was to investigate information seeking behaviour and use by researchers of administrative staff college of Nigeria (ASCON). Survey design was adopted for the study and twenty-two (22) departments were selected with a total population of 380 researchers out of which 226 were selected using random sampling technique. Questionnaire was the major data collection instrument used which was complemented with interview and observation. Data collection were analysed using descriptive statistics of frequency counts and percentages. The findings revealed that the major information needs of the researchers were on financial matters and job opportunities 125(59.5%), education and professional 150(71.4%). The sources of information available to the researchers were the internet 110(155.4%), textbooks 150(71.4%), Newspapers/Magazine 125(59.5%), and Newsletters/ bulletin 120(71.4%). Information was used for research purposes 170(81%). Journals 160(76.2%), conference proceeding 160(76.2%) and textbooks 158(75.3%) were used frequently. Shortage of staff 200(95.3%) and inconsistent power supply, 155(73.8%) were some of the identified problems. The researchers need to seek for the information to respond to both internal and external changes by making good research work that would shape the future of the organisation. Therefore, training facilities is should be made available particularly in the use of the emerging information technologies by the various department where the ASCON researchers work. Researchers should also be exposed to new sources of information in other to help them improve their productivities.