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An evaluative study of use of military library by military personnel is of utmost importance for libraries to positively impact on human race collective security. The ability to make informed and correct decision is in correlation with the availability of rich information sources, which is the stronghold of libraries worldwide. 2 Mechanized Division, Adekunle Fajuyi Cantonment, Oyo state Nigeria is used as a case study to unravel this phenomenon, to understand the type of information required by military personnel and use the outcome as a template to run efficient military library services. This research was conducted to ascertain if military personnel use their libraries or not. If not, find out the factors responsible for it and offer solutions. The research instruments used are questionnaire and observation. The gathered data revealed that time constrain, nature of the military personnel job, unawareness of the benefits that could be derived from the library, lack of interest, non-availability of new and current information materials, location of some units within the cantonment are responsible for the ineffective library use. Therefore, there is still much to be done for military libraries to reach its full potentials and the responsibility lies on the librarians within this base library to be proactive, create awareness and diversify the information sources to reflect the current trends in information technology.