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As a researcher I have searched a number of journals for my research article publication but finally I reached to the conclusion that Library and Practice is one of the most important journal for my research article publication.


The purpose of this study was to compare online digital and traditional libraries after covid-19 pandemic at undergraduate level. In this descriptive study, survey design was used. The data were collected from the respondents (undergraduate students) through a self-developed questionnaire of 6-Likert scale. As per John Curry's (1984) Sample size rule of Thumb, (n= 250) out of (N= 4547), respondents were selected from university. Stratified and Sample random techniques were used. Validity and reliability of the instrument were insured. The key findings of this study indicated that online digital library was better than a traditional physical library. The respondents highlighted that online digital libraries facilitate learners to get updated knowledge while using the online digital library because the learners have access to use library. The results of the current study revealed that online digital library was free from space and time problems. According to the results of the current study, both digital and physical libraries were found to play a significant role in quality education whereas it was shown that undergraduate students of this modern era were found to take more interest in online digital library by using updated ICTs resources.