Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This discourse is on the evolution and application of the dynamics of entrepreneurship education and skills in Library and Information Science programme in tertiary institutions. Entrepreneurship education provides a framework for Library and Information Science graduates for the development of knowledge, skills and attitude for success in business librarianship and at the same time a key to job creation, self employment, self empowerment, self reliance and sustainable economic development. It is a clarion call to public private partnership in the area of job creation and employment to reduce the army of unemployed youths in the labour market which the government alone can no longer carry out. The discourse also highlights the areas and opportunities our now librarian -entrepreneurs can engage themselves. These are information consultancy and bibliographic services (ICBS), library personnel management consultancy, library establishment information consultancy and book publishing and vending. Others include private public subscription library, library digitization consultancy, and community information services consultancy. The paper finally examines the challenges of business librarianship and ways of overcoming these challenges. The paper urges the aspiring librarian-entrepreneurs to be dauntless as the challenges are surmountable with time and experience.