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The study purpose is to assess the current status of customer relationship management (CRM) activities (customer satisfaction activities and communications strategies & practices) in academic libraries in Pakistan and also focused on CRM activities that correlate with universities' demographic variables (types, locations, and category). This study adopted a correlational research design with a survey method based on quantitative data collection. A structured questionnaire was distributed among all head/in-charge librarians of universities/DAIs in Pakistan. This study found that majority of the customer satisfaction activities were in the “planning” stage while few activities were “currently doing” by the libraries. Similarly, the majority of communication strategies and practices were “currently in practice” by the academic libraries.The overall mean of customer satisfaction activities were not correlated with types, locations, and categories of academic libraries in Pakistan but few facets were found significant. Furthermore, communication strategies and practices have no statistically significant mean variation with university demographic variables (types, locations, and categories) except for a few statements. This study is a helpful and positive approach for academic libraries, especially those engaged in customer relationship management execution. These findings will boost customer pleasure, loyalty, and positive image of the library. The findings will also make a substantial contribution to current knowledge and serve as a source for library professionals in establishing customer-friendly and customer-centered approaches in Pakistani academic libraries.