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The article's aim is to evaluate the bibliometric analysis on library services through social media between 2010 and 2021. Data for the library services and social media were taken from the Scopus database using bibliometric analysis. For the purpose of obtaining pertinent information from both data sources, a thorough search method was developed. Ultimately, 138 Scopus records were chosen. VOS viewer software, Biblioshiny, and Excel have all been used for data analysis. A total 138 articles from 2010-2021 and related to library service and social media were retrieved from Scopus. Average year of publication was 4.04 and average citations per document were 6.399. Total 303 authors contributed to these 138 articles. The University of Malaya and University of Ghana is the top affiliation to contribute top articles on the Library service and social media. University of Malaya contributes a total 10 articles and the total proportion is 13.8% out of 138 articles. The University of Ghana contributed a total of 9 articles and the proportion is 12.42%. This study offers a comprehensive indication of origin in the areas of library services and social media, which is helpful for the librarians, academicians and novice researchers.