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Libraries have seen a significant transformation in terms of both resources and services in the 21st century. The emergence and widespread use of digital repositories and digital libraries is an important step in this regard. The Ministry of Education set up the National Digital Library of India (NDLI) for the benefit of Indian academics. In order to better understand how well students and researchers at the Central University of Kerala are aware of the digital resources offered by the NDLI, as well as how they utilize such resources and services, this study will look at both of these factors. This study applied simple random sampling procedures to randomly choose a sample of students and scholars, and then they used online closed questionnaires to collect data from them. The current study explored the state art of NDLI among the Central University Kerala users and found the NDLI's resources and services are not fully exploited, despite the fact that the majority of students are aware of them. Many of the respondents are still ignorant of the NDLI's instruments and have not used the services, which are crucial to their research and academic work. The university library must take the lead step by organizing orientation and awareness programmes.