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Summer 7-12-2022


This study investigated determinant factors for the evaluation of library website credibility by the undergraduate students in Kwara State University, Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was adopted and a sample of 378students were selected across the faculties that make up of Kwara State University by using multi-stage sampling technique (Stratified and Simple Random Sampling Technique). A self-designed questionnaire was used to collect data from 378 respondents, out of which 358 copies of the questionnaire were returned and completely filled. Frequency counts and percentages were used to analyze the data collected for the five research questions while T-test was used to test the null hypothesis of the study. The study found that the author and the information on the library websites is accurate and credible; and the accessibility speed of the library website is low. Majority of the respondents also claimed that the information on Kwara State University library website is current; and the respondents rarely use the library website while poor internet network; epileptic power supply; lack of consistency in the layout of the website; and lack of online help are some of the challenges that undergraduate students encountered while using library website. The result also showed that there is a significant difference in the use of library website between male and female undergraduate students. The study recommends that good internet facilities, generator or solar inverter should be provided for effective use of library website.