Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Winter 8-13-2022


The paper investigates the ‘Knowledge sharing practices within academic libraries with specific reference to the Nigerian Defence Academy library. It has been observed that knowledge sharing in academic libraries is very paramount to the survival of the library. there are limitations in KS practices at the Nigerian Defence Academy library. The objectives of the study are; to investigate what the current knowledge sharing tools and practices are in library’, to identify to what extent the staff at the NDA library utilizes knowledge sharing tools, to identify the strengths and limitations in knowledge sharing practices etc. The research questions are; Does the library have a system in place that retains knowledge from experienced staff who either left or retired? Does the library have satisfactory ICT that can allow for capturing and storing explicit knowledge and subsequently allow it to be accessed by librarian (e.g database, repositories)? Do you feel that amongst colleagues there is hoarding of knowledge. The population of the study comprises of five (5) professional librarian in NDA Library. The instrument used for collecting data was questionnaire.