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Date of this Version

Winter 8-20-2022


The present research paper observes the awareness of social networking sites (SNSs) among the students of Vijaya Teachers College (VTC). The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the awareness of students in the context of SNSs for their academic work. To conduct the study researcher used the survey method, used questionnaire for data collection as data collection tool. Findings of the study said most of the students are aware about social networking sites and they used it on daily basis.

The aim of this paper is to discover the implication and use of the most important social networking tools in libraries. Librarians and Library staff should use and create various forms of social networks in library for their services and it influence and help to the users for library collection, new books arrivals, library rules regulations and updated library information etc,. Students are cavernous users of social networking sites, this efforts present libraries outreach possibilities to users who do not use the physical library. Social networking sites can be successful process of users outreach in libraries, if libraries to obtain and think about to respect users’ privacy and to make available equal exposure for all sections. The most popularity of the social networking sites can modify quickly library environment and libraries should consider using social networking sites as an outreach effort but take care to avoid the potential negative concerns.