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Spring 8-11-2022


This article main purpose the examine the growth and development of Institutional Repositories available in BRICS countries , The relevant Data was collected from the Directory of OPENDOAR. Based on the data in OPEN DOAR, We found that 418 total repositories are available from BRICS countries, and analyzed that BRICS countries among the Brazil with 154(37%) number of repositories in OPEN DOAR. Russia with 50 (12%) in Number of contribution repositories in BRICS countries. foreword to India with 102 (24%) Number of repositories, China 64 (15%) , South Africa 48 (12%). Brazil year 2020 (40) highest repositories contribution and year 2007, year 2018 found is lowest contribution in OPEN DOAR Types of repositories are found the Institutional 129 in Brazil , Russia with 42, India 88,China 52 and South Africa 44. Subject Content Social science is found Brazil 126,Rusia 40, India 84, China 33, South Africa 45.”