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This paper discussed the role of open and distance learning academic libraries in supporting national security in Nigeria. Peace is an antidote to conflicts; no nation can experience proper development without peace. Thus, no meaningful development can occur without appropriate knowledge which is the library and information services based. The study demonstrated how open and distance learning academic libraries can effectively fight against terrorism, insurgency, youth restiveness, and militancy that threaten national security by gathering and disseminating information properly and effectively to the right people at the right time, mobilizing the populace through civic education, and promoting information literacy programs. The non-empirical study and document research methodologies were used in this report. The article recommended, among other things, that all libraries and librarians should be at the forefront of national security discourses through sponsorship, guiding principles, and actions that can further the country's national security; the academic Library should open public reading centers where citizens can have easy access to books.