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Preparing a scholarly research article is a critical, creative and high level intellectual work. Preparing a research paper involves following a specific process. In which a collective approach is adopted. Which stops wasting the researcher’s energy and time?

Authors or researchers who prepare research articles usually have to use two types of resources. Primary or first class sources and secondary or second class sources. His research article is evaluated on the basis of these references. The researcher should understand the difference between facts and ideas. The fact is that what everyone has accepted in the form of truth does not require any evidence to prove the truth the research paper presents many ideologies and different observations. If there is any kind of doubt it is confirmed so the researcher should not mix facts and ideas. Doing so lowers the level of the research article.

There is no fixed structure or template for writing a research article. Each researcher writes in his own way and in a certain way. There are different methods for doing research work, such as historical research method, descriptive research method, individual study method, survey research method, comparative research method, experimental research method, methods are used. Presents. Research Objectives Research is defined and a comprehensive outline is prepared based on observations and experience. A good type of research profile helps in preparing the structure of the study. Such as 1. Chapter Details 2. Research Problem 3. Related Research-Literature 4. Research Methodology 5. Data Analysis 6. Research Conclusion and Advice / Guidance

The Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Center, Gandhinagar is an Autonomous Inter-University Center (IUC) of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi (Ministry of Education, Government of India). It is a major national program launched by UGC in March 1991 as a project under IUCAA, it became an independent inter-university center in June 1996. INFLIBNET is involved in the modernization of university libraries in India using state-of-the-art.Techniques for the best use of information. INFLIBNET is a leading organization in India to promote scholarly communication between academics and researchers.