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Information Literacy is an effective tool to analyze the current knowledge and education quality of students who is pursuing school and college education. Most of the studies on information literacy have been conducted in rural and urban areas students. Although rural students are facing several problems for studying school and higher education levels revealed by information literacy assessment is necessary for rural students due to online education and economic impact with COVID-19 issue. Therefore, the proposed study is aimed to concentrate the present knowledge to the information literacy skill, and impact with COVID-19 student’s education level in the rural students of Tamil Nadu State, South India. In each village, about 25 to 50 students will be chosen by questionnaire method. The question were raised their demography, Information literacy skill and impact with covid-19 of the rural students education level. The result of the study central and state government should facilitate rural students by providing them with all kinds of facilities like laptops and smart phones and going to the slums to improve the quality of education of rural students and promote access to their higher education and intellectual information.