Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln





The study analyses research productivity of College and Research Library Journal from 2012 to 2021 using bibliometric method. The journal published 808 research papers within the period. The published papers were analysed to determine, the type of document published, chronological distribution of published documents, authorship pattern, most productive articles and the subject coverage of published articles. The result of the study revealed that the types of documents published in C&RL include articles, book reviews, editorial materials, errata and letters. Articles and book reviews were highly published. There was a gradual and unsteady rise in publication within the period with 31.19% rate of increase. The average author per paper was 2.03 and the degree of collaboration was 0.58. The most productive article in C&RL from 2012 to 2021 has a citation of 256. The areas mostly covered in C&RL are Information Literacy, Library Personnel, Organization and Management, Scholarly Communication, Information Behaviour and Library Collection.