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Library Philosophy and Practice, 2022


Higher education in recent years has witnessed dynamic changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic to the extent that a new term, 'new normal,' originated. In this regard, teaching and learning processes have significantly become dependent on digital technologies to warrant emphasis being laid on digital literacy skills, which many learners lack. In order words, the growing prominence of the Internet and other digital environments as educational tools requires research regarding learners' digital literacy and the role of librarians in supporting learning in the new normal. Digital literacy is the learners’ ability to locate, organise, understand, evaluate, and create information using digital technology effectively for everyday tasks. Therefore, the paper's thrust is in the role of librarians as information providers in higher institutions of learning in promoting reading, teaching, research, and learning culture among the citizenry in the digital environment. Also, the paper gives an insight into the digital environment and the various e-learning platforms such as Moodle, Google classroom and so on. It concluded by recommending digital literacy skills inclusion in the school curriculum. Higher institutions should set clear policies that provide the appropriate learning environment to facilitate technology and libraries to support context learning and promote e-learning platforms in every discipline.