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This study is on library education and its impact on students' library use in Coal City University, Enugu, Nigeria. The study aims to ascertain the impact of library education on students' library use. Four research objectives and four research questions were adopted for this study. A total of 425 students formed the population of the study. The study was carried out using questionnaire (e-copies). Data were analyzed using simple percentage and presented in tables and charts. The result of this study revealed that the students are more familiar with the use of library course as a form of library education in Coal City University. The study also reveals that library education has helped to improve the interpersonal relationship that is expected to exist between library users and librarians. Due to library education, students are familiar with library services and its resources. The study also revealed that students are very much at home while using the library, their competency and confidence in using the library is enhanced due to use of library course. Based on the findings, it was recommended that the library management should see the library education exercise as a means to market library services among the students of the University; the library user education should be designed to suit the library services of a particular university; that while delivering library education, there shouldn't be any assumption that the students are already familiar with the library beforehand, instead, it should be taught from the basics in order to achieve its objective.