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Libraries, archives, museums, and other memory institutions digitize items to preserve fragile materials and create more access points for patrons. The traditional role of the library as simply a place of storage and preservation of books and other information materials which has changed overwhelmingly since the advent of information and communication technologies (ICTs) Academic libraries are duly bound to acquire, preserve and disseminate information from whatever source, hence there is the need for such sources of information to be kept preserved and made available in a more convenient and accessible format. This calls for digitization which is the process of converting analog (print, carvings, artifacts and so on) materials to digital/electronic format. Digitization of information resources in Nigerian University libraries is still at nascent stage. Digitization projects in academic libraries in Nigeria are confronted by a number of challenges. These are essentially not peculiar to academic libraries in developing countries and Nigeria in particular in the efforts of libraries to contribute data to the global information resource base. First and foremost is inadequate funding. Funding for the purchase and maintenance of modern and state-of–the–art digital equipment remains a major constraint while others follow. There is the need for external funds to be injected into the learning base for digitization. The challenge of funding unearths the need for capacity-building in the area of grant-writing and sourcing for fund. Also, there is the need of digitization project equipment and collaboration between libraries and donor agencies to procure these equipment, train staff and organize seminars, workshops and conferences on digitization sensitization network. It can therefore be recommended that Nigerian government and other stakeholders should make education of her citizen a famous priority which boils down to library as an arm of education. The leaders should also be checked on the issue of corruption in other to ensure that the assigned fund for digitization projects are faithfully used to letter.