Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The study investigates the rewards and recognition of librarian’s job performance in some selected university libraries in South-South, Nigeria. A descriptive survey method was adopted for the study. Two research questions were formulated to guide the study. The population of the study consists of 112 librarians in some selected university libraries in South- South Nigeria. A total of 112 copies of the questionnaire were distributed and 101 copies of the questionnaire were retrieved using descriptive statistics mean and percentage mean score of 2.5 and above and percentage score of 50% were considered as acceptable. The study revealed that rewards and recognition enjoyed by librarians in the past five years are: verbal praise, bonuses/monetary value, formal recognition as against written praise and informal recognition. Also, the study further shows how rewards and recognition influence librarians job performance positively. The study recommends that: Harding working librarians should be rewarded and recognized for their efforts; Library management should always motivate their staff to work hard to earn those rewards and recognition; Equity and fairness should be the guide when rewarding and recognizing librarians and also nepotism should be ruled out when rewarding and recognizing hardworking librarians.