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The purpose of the study is to know the ICT skills of library staff in Nigerian institutions: A case study of all institutions in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The sample for the study consisted of 150 librarians across institutions in Ekiti State, Nigeria who were randomly selected through simple random sampling. The extent to which library staff can prove their knowledge towards information and communication technology (ICT) skills, the ability of library staff towards information and communication technology (ICT), how library staffs are able to identify or recognize relevant information sources and the effectiveness of information and communication technology (ICT) literacy skills programmes for the institution libraries in Ekiti State. Findings show that institutions’ libraries have enough ICT facilities and their staffs are well familiar with them in order to deliver their services which can help the library staff in delivering their services very well. It further reveals that ICT skills were well known and made use of, by libraries staffs. Moreover, results indicated that different sources of information are recognized by the libraries staffs while the ICT programmes are available to develop themselves. These recommendation was made after the study that more ICT facilities are needed, latest ICT facilities should replace the former outdated facilities, libraries staffs should attend more ICT facilities training and seminars, In-house training should be regular e.g six (6) months interval, latest familiarized ICT package should be introduce to enhance the service rendered to patrons and library staff need to work with the ICT department in the institution for achieving parental goal.