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Winter 10-13-2022


Dear Editor, we are delighted to come in contact with your journal and pray that our manuscript will be given due consideration as we crave for a greater partnership. See attached document Best regards Dr. Nwefuru, B.C. On behalf of the Authors


The study aims to investigate Information Literacy Skills among Fine and Applied Arts Undergraduate Students in South-East Federal Universities, Nigeria. It is understandable that many undergraduate students including those in fine and applied art department need information literacy skills in order to progress academically. The study is worth of investigation because information literacy is gateway for laudable academic achievement especially among those for art creativity or abstract representation into real life symbols. Therefore, there is need to employ balance means or strategy in gaining information literacy which would earn undergraduate students of fine and applied arts a favourable landing in their field of study. It is to this obvious needs that information literacy skills among fine and applied arts undergraduates in South-East Federal universities, Nigeria has merit of examination.