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This research study was primarily designed to study the work-life balance of women library professionals in the metropolitan city of Pune in India from Maharashtra State. The primary purpose of the study is to explore the tough challenges faced by women librarians in maintaining a balance between their personal and professional life during the pre and post covid period. The study has examined various factors affecting the work-life balance of the respondents during the pre and post covid period using the quantitative research design. Further, the use of the survey research method and snowball sampling technique for the data collection purpose where the sample of 30 women librarians is been studied during the pre-covid period, the method of convenience sampling is utilized to get the responses of the respondents using the unstructured interview technique the virtual model.

The study concluded that there is a high level of stress (66%) among the women librarian respondents during the post covid period due to work and life balance factors, 70% of librarians mentioned the increased workload due to a changed focus for increased online subscriptions and more electronic media acquisitions, and the pressure for upgradation. The study has observed that about 46 % of women library professionals giving time for self-attention, and 43% of women librarians are exercising daily; indicating the need to give self-attention.