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This study was on the security of information resources in academic libraries in Kwara State, Nigeria. Academic libraries in Kwara State include both private and public institutions. The libraries were predominantly selected for academic purposes, such as Kwara State University, University of Ilorin, Al-Hikmah University, and Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin. Four research questions and four corresponding objectives of the study were framed. The case study design was approved for research. Targeted sampling was used to select 25 respondents from a pool of 115 professionals in all four academic libraries in Kwara State. Semi-structured interview guides were used to collect data from respondents, while field observation guides were used to record data about the participants' observations. Individual interview guides and field observation guides were used to collect data, which was then presented and analyzed qualitatively. The steps involved in conducting the analyses were: documentation; conceptualization; coding and classification; examination of relationships and data presentation; and documentation of conclusions. The results revealed that common methods of maintaining information resources in academic libraries in Kwara State included reforms, connectivity, and environmental control, while digitization and migration were not adopted. It also showed that periodic random checks of users and staff, scheduled patrols, and verification of users' identities were all in use.