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Date of this Version

Fall 10-20-2022


This is original research paper.



This paper analyzes various thesaurus formats for converting data and how they can easily be implemented in libraries. These data formats are very important and necessary because they can easily transfer data from one system to another. The main focus of this system is on the data format of the Thesaurus Constructon.


It is made with the TemaTres tool, which is used by many other tools. It has many new and modern features that librarians can use to create a new interface. In other words, it is possible to link other software very easily through these formats. There are four main steps to follow to build this system such as (i) Study the Thesaurus Subject Repositories; (ii) Comparative Study of Controlled Vocabulary Tools; (iii) Construction of Controlled Vocabularies; (iv) Creation of Formats for Thesaurus.


Users will benefit a lot from using this interface as they will be able to access all the information they need very easily. In addition, two of these formats, MARC21 and MADS, can be imported into Koha, allowing users to access additional information from Koha's OPAC interface that is located within TemaTres.


With these concepts, thesaurus of any subject can be created and data linking between other software can be done. It is possible to publish any types of linked data formats with the help of Apache Jena and Apache Jena Fuseki to external integration for easy access of metadata. Therefore a prototype vocabulary can be created through this system from which all libraries can benefit.