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This study investigated the level of acceptance and attitude toward vaccination against COVID-19 among academic librarians in Nigeria. It is guided by two objectives, two research questions and two null-hypothesis. The population of the study consisted of 7,287 certified librarians spread across Nigerian. Krejcie and Morgan’s table for determining sample size for research activities was used, and a response rate of 231 was achieved out of the sample size of 364. A non-probability sampling involving purposive sampling techniques was used. Self-developed questionnaire was designed using Google Form mobile application with 4-Points-Likert scale, which was administered to respondents on several LIS professional social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram. The instrument was subjected to reliability test by administering to 30 unregistered librarians in Nigeria using test-retest method. A Cronbach alpha value was obtained, r = 0.92. The study has established that the level of acceptance toward vaccination against COVID-19 was low and there were negative attitudes toward the vaccination among academic librarians in Nigeria. Moreover, the study found that there were significant relationship between academic librarians’ socio-demographic characteristics and acceptance as well as attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination in Nigeria. The study recommended massive public enlightenment campaign / sensitization on the importance of vaccination against COVID-19 as well as developing policies that could easily enforce taking the vaccines among the citizens.