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Fall 11-9-2022


The article seeks to demonstrate the centrality of records policy in managing records. If policy does not exist, chances are records are poorly managed.


This article reveals the importance of using a records and information management policy in the course of managing public sector records in Zimbabwe. Records and information management policy is crafted and used to guide action pertaining to how records and information are managed within an organisation. The policy guides organisations concerning what is to be done, why, how and when. Using a case study of government ministries in Zimbabwe, this study interrogated the existence, application and importance of records and information management policies as well as the dangers of operating without such. The study revealed that most government ministries in Zimbabwe were operating without records and information management policies, an anomaly that contributed towards poor records management and poor service delivery, among other undesirable consequences. The study recommends that every ministry should have a National Archives of Zimbabwe-approved records and information management policy whose use is enforced and backed by senior management. This qualitative study collected data through interviews, document reviews and personal observation. Data were analysed thematically.