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Winter 12-3-2022



This research work investigated the preservation of information resources and user satisfaction with the use of library in Oko Polytechnic, Anambra State. The population of the study comprises 39 library staff and sample size of the study was 20 library staff which was selected randomly using simple random sample techniques. Three research questions were formulated to guide this study. Data was collected using the questionnaire, and was analysed with descriptive statistics. The findings of the study revealed that the preservation method of information resources use in Oko Polytechnic includes: Binding, lamination and restoration, dusting/stain removal, fumigation, monitoring and controlling of environmental conditions, copying and save to flash drive/ CDs, de-acidification, re-recording. The Study find out on user satisfaction with the use of preserved library information resources in Oko Polytechnic that: Information preserved online, offers easy access to user and enhances their satisfaction; offline saved information in the library, provides 24/7 availability of information, and this promotes users satisfaction; treatment and restoration of information material makes it more attractive, useful, and lead to users satisfaction. The study revealed that the challenges facing preservation of information resources and user satisfaction with the use of library in Oko Polytechnic include: Inadequate Finance, Inadequacy of Equipment’s/Materials, Inadequate manpower and poor infrastructure, Absence of maintenance culture, Poor handling of resources by human, Lack of Preservation and Conservation Policy, Unfavourable government economic policies, Tropical climate, Quality of paper and ink, and Inadequate storage space. Based on the finding the study recommended as follows: The management of library should make a huge effort to market the library products and services to the users community and take advantages of fee-based library services to raise more fund; The library management should solicit for fund from school alumnus association and non-governmental organization to equip their library with adequate and up-to-date information materials.