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The fundamental goal of this study is to evaluate the level of awareness, perception, and utilization of Open Access Resources among Delta State University Research Scholars in Abraka, Delta State. The study objectives was to determine the level of awareness of Open Access Resources among Delta State University Research Scholars, find out how Research Scholars became aware of Open Access Resources, determine Research Scholars' perceptions of Open Access Resources, ascertain the extent to which Research Scholars use Open Access Resources, find out the purpose of Research Scholars' use of Open Access Resources; as well as identify the factors impeding Research Scholars' use of Open Access Resources in Delta State University Abraka, Delta State. The method of survey research was used, and the instrument used to collect data was a questionnaire. Two hundred and fifty questionnaires (250) were distributed to respondents, with a total of two hundred (200) of the two hundred and thirty-seven (237) duly completed were declared usable for the survey. Tables, frequency distributions, and percentages were utilized to assess replies. The findings indicated that the major problem encounter in using open-access resources include, delay in downloading the materials, unreliable power supply, inadequate computer terminals to access the Open Access resources and lack of search abilities, while majority of the researchers were aware of e-Journals, e-Books, e-Theses, and Dissertations etc. Attending conferences/seminars/workshops, and self-exploitation on the internet and through colleagues were the primary sources of awareness of the open access resources by the research academics. This demands the librarians to build additional knowledge regarding Open Access materials to the study academics. It was also found out from the open-ended question that the study researchers have limited awareness of alternative open-access pathways such as green and gold, and were worried about sharing the Open Access resources as they were not familiar with copyright issues.