Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This paper reports an examination of effective serials management practices in some academic libraries in Niger state. The study specifically investigated the types of serial materials in the libraries. It also examined the acquisition methods as well as methods applied in organizing serial materials in the studied libraries. Challenges bedeviling effective management of serial information sources also form the objective. The study further made a review from different sources on management of serials in libraries. The population of the study consisted of twenty three (23) staff manning the serials units of the affected libraries. Questionnaire and observation check-list were used as the instruments for data collection. 23 copies of questionnaire and observation check-list were distributed, filled and completely (100%) returned for data analysis. Descriptive statistics of frequency and percentages was used for data analysis. The study revealed that Newspapers, magazines and academic journals are the major serial materials available in the academic libraries. Direct purchase from book vendors, Constant subscription of physical serials and online databases were the main methods applied in acquiring serials in the libraries. It discovered that shelving and shelf reading, carding among other were the organizational techniques adopted by the libraries. Paucity of funds, Inadequate ICT facilities as well as inadequate working tools was the factors bedeviling effective serials management in the libraries. The study thus recommended among others that adequate funds be allocated to the libraries, online subscription be enhanced, conducive working environment for library personnel, independent power sources be provided to the academic libraries.