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The main purpose of this study is to assess students’ records management system and preservation as a determinant for the effective retrieval and dissemination of information in tertiary institutions in the state under study. The objective of the study is to determine how students’ records are organised, preserved, managed, retrieved, and the challenges encountered. The study sample population comprised of 92selected records management personnel from some randomly selected tertiary institutions in Kogi State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey method using simple random sampling techniques is used for the study; observation and questionnaire are the instrument used for data collection. The major findings of the study revealed: ineffectiveness in students’ record management system, incompetent personnel, inadequate infrastructural facilities, constant power failure, minimal ICT facilities, inadequate space and preservation facilities. Based on these findings, the following recommendations were made; effort should be made for provision of standby generator/inverter/Solar energies as an alternative to power supply, training of staff especially on ICTs, digitalisation of their records, provision of adequate funding, enough infrastructural facilities such as storage facilities including electronic storage devices and adequate preservation apparatus.

Keywords: Assessment, students,Record Management, Tertiary Institutions, Kogi State, Nigeria.