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There is no doubt that ICTs have altered the information management landscape globally. Although there have been recent improvements, the reality in underdeveloped countries like Nigeria has not been positive. The results of this study showed that librarians' use of ICTs for providing information services was significantly influenced by their attitude toward technology. When librarians have a good attitude, they are more likely to use the available ICTs efficiently. However, when they have a negative attitude, they may leave the available ICTs for information service delivery unused or misused. The extent to which librarians use ICTs can be greatly increased when attention is paid to elements that influence attitude formation, such as exposure to ICT, training, and peer influence. It therefore recommended that there should be library management software in circulation section of the library in order to reduce management pressure of the librarians at the time of circulation. Librarians should be exposed and trained on how to use emerging technologies for service delivery in the library.