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The study assessed the role of Telecentres in the dissemination of agro-based information among selected farmers in rural areas of Tanzania. A cross-sectional study design was conducted in Moshi Rural District, in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. A total of 442 rural farmers aged 21-60 years were randomly selected as study respondents. Questionnaires were used to collect data from respondents. The study found that 205 (55%) respondents were not aware of the existence and services offered among Telecentres, whereas only 12 (7%) respondents reported visiting Telecentres once per day, and 70 (41%) once per year. A total of 140 respondents selected computer services including internet, printing, and scanning to be available among Telecentres. 162 respondents recommended promotion and marketing strategies to enhance the usage of Telecentres among rural farmers was recommended by 162 respondents, while 200 requested agro-based information on crop diseases and pest problems. Inadequate agro-based information in the local language (Swahili) was reported among the challenges hindering the usage of Telecentres among 180 respondents. We recommend the government to exploit the potential of Telecentres in the dissemination of agro-based information among farmers and societies at large.