Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Cataloguing and Classification is being taught both at the undergraduate and postgraduate (Master’s) level in the university system in Nigeria and other part of the world. The course is called Organisation of Knowledge in some library schools. It is a three-unit course at the undergraduate level. However, it is not being taken seriously by majority of the students because of the fact that they do not want to be become librarian later in the future or after graduation. This has always lead them to low grade in academic achievement or grade (score), failure in examination and poor job performances if peradventure they find themselves in the library job. Resources in cataloguing and classification in the library could in printed or non printed format. The resources must be utilized in order to be relevant in the objectives of the library. The essence of selection, acquisition, organisation and dissemination of these resources is for the utilization of the resources to be effective. Although, Information and Communication Technologies has brought dynamism into cataloguing and classification as the capabilities of library are increasing causing automation of library services and tools, computerized catalogues are emerging all over the world to enhance quick, better and efficient access to library resources