Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Winter 1-21-2023

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This write-up considered the evolution of libraries in Nigeria which of course cannot be separated from the history and development of universities. The development of libraries in private universities can also not be separated from that of public libraries. Therefore, the Management Models of libraries in private universities may not really be different from that of public libraries, however, the uniqueness in the set -up of private universities has warranted the adoption of unconventional management models in running such university libraries. These models include Management By Groping Along (MBGA) or The Chess Management Model, The Participatory Management Model, and The Intersection Management Model. In this study, a robust suggestion was made to Proprietors (Visitors) of Private Universities on ways of making private universities, and by extension, the Libraries World Class and attracting the respect and recognition of stakeholders in the academic world. It is recommended that experienced candidates should be engaged as University Librarians from the inception of universities to occupy the positions. Equally important are issues bordering on the restructuring of personnel and budget deductions which are abnormally and usually experimented from libraries, this practice is expected to be discontinued.