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Winter 3-3-2023

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The study investigated the inhibiting factors of selection and acquisition of grey literature in universities libraries. In carrying out this study four research questions were posed. The study employed a descriptive research design with a questionnaire as the research instrument. The study was carried out using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) application software. The findings of this study show that, grey literature contributed greatly to national development since they sometimes originate from scholars and grey literature are publications which served as important materials to users of academic libraries, among others. It also show that libraries select and acquire grey literature for academics research purposes, such as civil society or non-governmental organizations reports, academic works, research records, project, research reports, conference papers, and theses, dissertation and government documents, government reports, white papers, memoranda, conference proceedings, technical specifications, bibliographies and maps and evaluations, among others. The findings indicates that, academics libraries were facing numerous obstacles in selection and acquisition of grey literature such as grey literature is not accessible through the normal distribution channels, and grey literatures are hard to locate but which in most cases contain relevant and important data. Recommendations were proffered.