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Summer 2-20-2023


The purpose of this study is to investigate the development and management of local contents in institutional repositories (IR) in tertiary institution libraries in Nigeria. The study adopted a survey research method. Online questionnaire and IR site investigation methods were used to collect data from 20 university libraries in Nigeria. The study revealed that no single College of Education, or Polytechnic library in Nigeria have embraced development of IR. Only 20 university libraries have successfully developed IRs to manage local contents emanating from the universities. The majority of the institutional repositories contain primarily theses and dissertations, journal articles and conference proceedings. DSpace was the most preferred software used in the various IRs to manage local contents, and lack of fund, inadequate facilities, absence of IR policies, and challenge of collecting contents from various contributors were the most mentioned challenges encountered in the development of IRs in Nigeria. The results from the study will provide important data and insight into the development of institutional repositories in tertiary institution libraries in Nigeria, and generate suggestions for librarians, and policy-makers for developing institutional repositories in developing countries. The project will enable university libraries in Nigeria provide world class services by making their local contents visible globally. This will make users access relevant documents in that particular tertiary institution libraries from anywhere in the world.