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Summer 2-22-2023

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The main objective of this study is to investigate how OAIRs policy can be used to collect the content in OAIRs. Systematic random and purposive sampling procedures were used to obtain a total of 292 respondents and 8 key informants. A structured questionnaire, in depth interview and secondary data were used to collect quantitative data and qualitative data. Quantitative data were analyzed by using SPSS version 22 and qualitative data were analyzed by using content analysis. Key findings revealed that 46.2% of respondents were aware of the OAIR policies and more than half (54.8%) were not aware of the OAIR policies. The findings also revealed that 45.5 % of the respondents indicated that OAIRs policy are used to the recruitment of the content, specify the type of content to be held, identify who should access the content and direct how to preserve the content in OAIRs. Furthermore, 24.5% of the respondents indicated that training on procedures and guidelines, 18.5% mandate faculty members to submit their scholarly publication in the OAIRs, upload OAIRs policy in OAIRs page and 16.3% make OAIRs policy accessible through the university website will enhance the growth of collection in OAIRs. The study concluded that OAIR policies may cover a number of issues, and without a policy to guide users, OAIRs may remain virtually empty without content. Therefore, creating awareness on OAIRs, and OAIRs policy should be more emphasized on submission to enhance the growth of collection in OAIRs.