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The key objective of this study is to investigate the awareness of research scholars towards Academic Social Networking Sites (ASNSs) like, Research Gate, Pen profile, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, etc. These sites opened a window for research scholars to know each other by setting up their interest profiles, uploading their scholarly works, and current trends in the subject area, precisely ASNSs paved the way for communication among research scholars in engineering and technology in particularly Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Kakinada (JNTUK). The author adopted a survey method using a simple indiscriminate sampling technique on a structured questionnaire to the research scholars randomly. In this study, the author specialized on two facets (further adopted two-dimensional methods) one is Research collaboration (RC) and Knowledge sharing (KS). This study helps universities in finding out various academic activities of its scholars in particular as well as the university in general.