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The article was published by Library Philosophy and Practice e.Journal, ISSN 1522-0222


The study focused on use of social media platforms by library staff to market library services at Uganda Christian University, Mukono. The study objectives included; to identify the types of library services offered by the library, social media used in marketing library services and challenges faced by library staff. The study adopted a case study research design. The study population consisted of 12 library staff who were selected purposively. Data was collected using in-depth interviews and observation methods and was analyzed qualitatively using content and thematic analysis. The study findings revealed that both traditional and online library services were provided to patrons in the library. Various social media platforms were used for marketing library services. Library staff faced various challenges in marketing library services using social media; patrons had limited awareness of existing social media platforms for the library, there was no policy to guide staff on how to use social media platforms. The library had limited computers and related computer accessories to support provision of library services. Some library staff also lacked the knowledge and skills to provide library services using social media. The library Wifi was unstable and costly to be consistently used by reference library staff to support their work. The study recommended that trainings should be organized for both library staff and users on how to access, and retrieve information resources from the library social media platforms. Library patrons should be informed about the library official social media platforms. Also library management should develop a clear policy to guide staff on the use of social media platforms in marketing library services, acquire modern computers, relevant computer accessories and provide stable internet to support reference librarians and IT staff to market library services and information resources in the library.