Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Spring 3-7-2023



An institution cannot exist and function properly without the presence of a library because the services provided by an academic library reflect the quality of the institution. This paper attempts to present a brief overview of the concept of library, research data, Research Data Management (RDM) and its constraints as well as the roles of academic libraries. These roles has experienced new paradigm shift, unprecedented reshaping and alterations as a result of emerging waves of information communication technology (ICT) and its accompanying sustainable and disruptive technologies. Scholars are now producing, storing and disseminating digital data in much larger volumes than the text. The continued existence and access of this data is an issue, since the data is not stored in libraries. It is therefore crucial to preserve data for future generations. This paper tries to delineate the emerging role of academic libraries in Research Data Management (RDM) in tertiary institutions.