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The study of TB management in Indonesia is an urgent problem. therefore I hope to be published to be a reference for policy makers in Indonesia. Thanks.


Tuberculosis (TB) remains a public health problem in Indonesia despite various efforts to combat it. TB is the leading cause of death in Indonesia and requires more comprehensive action, including in health communication. Indonesia ranks second after India in the number of TB cases and fourth in TB deaths in Asia. Efforts to address TB in Indonesia continue, including the implementation of more comprehensive prevention and treatment programs and effective health communication campaigns. However, the implementation of health communication in TB management in Indonesia still faces challenges such as infrastructure, policy, human resources, and community participation. Evaluation of the effectiveness of health communication implementation is also necessary to measure its impact on increasing public awareness, participation in prevention and treatment programs, and improving the quality of health services. This literature review describes the situation of TB in Indonesia, the role of health communication in TB management, factors influencing implementation, effectiveness evaluation, implementation challenges, and strategies to improve health communication implementation in TB management in Indonesia. This literature review can provide useful information for researchers, health practitioners, and policymakers in managing TB in Indonesia.