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This study is a citation analysis of serials in postgraduate Theses and dissertations of library and information science of public universities in Southeast Nigeria submitted from 2013 to 2021. The study was guide by five research questions in line with the objectives of the study. The study employed a descriptive survey design with a sampled population of 296 derived through census method from four public universities offering library and information science. The principle instruments used in collecting data for this study were self-designed checklists. With the checklists, 12455 serials citations were analyzed using descriptive statistics of mode, mean and range and data presented in tables, charts and graphs using frequencies and percentile. . The study found that the most cited serials types were journals with 76.5% citations followed by conference proceedings/reports with 20% and the least cited being government publication with only .5 citations . This affirms other citation analysis, which found that journals are the most frequently used type. It was further discovered that serials used were either in print or electronic form. . The study also revealed that multi authorship is the most frequently cited author pattern in library graduates theses and dissertations, while annual serials citations range from 1034 to 2205. The study indicated that the average age of serials used was 0 - 20. The study recommended among other things that there should be documentation librarian in each university library whose duty should be tracking down research reports, ensuring proper documentations and upward delivery to the university library circulation unit.