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To examine the influence of academic library services on media literacy among library and information science undergraduates at federal university Oye-Ekiti, the study used a descriptive survey of the case study type. For data collection, a structured questionnaire was employed. Purposive and total sampling techniques were used to distribute the questionnaires to 156 respondents, who were LIS undergraduate students ranging in level from 100 to 400. The simple percentage method of analysis was used to analyse the data that had been obtained. The study's findings showed that Federal University Oye-Ekiti LIS undergraduate students are aware of media literacy. The study also showed that Federal University Oye-Ekiti undergraduate LIS students had access to library and information sources through selective information distribution, inter-library loan services, internet services, and supply of information resources. Additionally, the study's findings identified certain obstacles to the development of media literacy in LIS undergraduates, such as poor internet connectivity, a lack of rigorous media literacy assessments, a lack of awareness, and insufficient resources. The study comes to the conclusion that media literacy will benefit LIS undergraduates greatly and provide lifelong learning skills if it is applied properly. The study recommended that LIS undergraduate students need to be educated about and given a thorough understanding of the usage and effects of media literacy.