Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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This study aimed to determine the possible causes of library disasters, disaster practices, and challenges of Saint Mary's University Learning Resource Center (SMULRC) on prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. The respondents were the nine librarians of SMULRC. It made use of mixed methods of research. A quantitative design was used to identify the possible causes of disasters and determine the frequency and percentage of librarians practicing disaster risk reduction management. The qualitative method was used to support the quantitative answers and to know the challenges they experienced in disaster management. The study found that: 1) natural disasters such as storm risks, flooding, and earthquake can happen and cause damage to the materials housed in the library and the library structure; 2) damage to library materials and facilities due to arson, vandalism, and civil disturbance has very high possibilities; and 3) establishing routine housekeeping and maintenance measures was highly practiced. General findings showed that disaster practices on preparedness, response, and recovery still need improvement since no disaster plan exists. Respondents also claimed that there was no disaster response team, no insurance for library materials and facilities, and a lack of equipment, among other challenges.