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Blended library services are reinforced by academic librarians to deal with the challenges that come from the changes caused by the pandemic. Transformation is reflected through information and communication technologies that are in constant development and available to users remotely. This study discusses the extent of usage and effectiveness of blended library services at the University of Baguio library by the students, faculty, non-teaching, and other library users. Blended library services covered online platforms, online resources, online circulation, online reference service, online information literacy (IL), and online want list form. This study used a descriptive research design to gather the information that will systematically describe the current status of the UB library online services. A survey questionnaire formatted in google form was employed to gather the needed information. The findings of the study reveal that the blended library services of the university have been utilized - much utilized by the users, specifically canvas LMS resources of online resources, online document delivery of online circulation and the library e-mail: of online reference service, other feature of blended library services have not been used to their full advantage. Furthermore, the blended library services are highly effective as assessed by the faculty, non-teaching staff, and other library users. Based on these findings, it is recommended that the Library strongly endorses additional databases and integration of these databases, library guides, and library services in the canvas LMS; regular posting of the blended services in the UB library social media account and platform for easier accessibility on the part library users; lastly, re-evaluate the way the development, manage and deliver marketing strategies of the blended services.