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Summer 4-2023


Digital Resource awareness was studied among Medical Deemed University Libraries students in Maharashtra. The study used a questionnaire to investigate four Medical Deemed University Libraries of Maharashtra. This study examines digital resource utilization, purpose, frequency, locality, and preference. The study indicated that Maharashtra Medical Deemed University Libraries users were moderately aware of digital medical resources and used them mainly for the education, Learning, and knowledge updating. Students use e-journals, standards, reports, patents, and trade reports. This survey explores how Maharashtra Medical Deemed University Libraries students use electronic resources.

Customers of Medical Deemed University Libraries have difficulties using digital resources because of a lack of training or orientation, slow internet, an energy crisis or load shedding, a lack of printing facilities, the lack of full-text access to the majority of journals, a lack of awareness, information overload, and insufficient digital resource consumption. However, these factors are not statistically different from low levels of satisfaction and low internet speeds. The findings improve digital library services and resources. This research advanced medical e-resources and services. The results may enhance digital library services and virtual culture in designated medical Deemed University libraries, notably in Maharashtra. The author has considered medical students for this research survey. The structured questionnaire was randomly distributed among the four Medical Deemed Universities, which covered 200 UG and PG paradigms, with the scrutiny of the distributed questionnaire with speculation.