Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The sustainable development goal is a match towards revamping the economy of nations. Nigeria embarks on the journey of economic redemption. It is expected that, as with the sustainable development goals, national governments will develop their own action plans that emphasize or deemphasize various goals depending on the local situation. Be that as it may, a country like Nigeria needs literate citizens, citizens who are ready to commit themselves to the use of libraries, access relevant information and digest this information for the benefit of all and to ensure a steady economic growth hence, the need to promote the reading culture of the citizens through the use of libraries and access to information. The growth of libraries in evolving information and cultural environment is essential, as key stakeholders providing access to information, education and research, and social participation. If access to information and libraries are not included, it is more than a missed opportunity. It is incumbent on the government to take the libraries seriously and fund them to provide public access, information and skills if it must make its mark in the golden frame of sustainable development of the economy.